When Someone You Care About Lets You Down – May 2, 2010

Do you have a need that your spouse does not meet? Do your children ever disappoint you? Is there someone in your life who doesn’t live up to your expectations? Well then you will want to be in church this Sunday when I give a talk about, “When Someone You Care About Lets You Down”. We will be learning from the words of Jesus as found in the Sermon on the Mount.

Come to think of it, I can tell you for certain that people I care about have let me down before. In fact, awhile back I went to a pastor’s conference with a pastor friend of mine, and we spent an evening playing golf. When I made a particularly bad shot, he told me that I swing a golf club worse than his grandmother who is 99 years old! I am still mad about that. But later on in our hotel room I found out that the guy wears Care Bear boxer shorts! So who is he to talk! Anyway, I hope you come on out this Sunday.

I also want to remind you about Mother’s Day next Sunday. We want to make it very special for moms. That is why we are calling that day “Warm Fuzzies” for Mom Day! It is going to be a great day for moms! Now we need your help! We are asking everyone to send us a picture of you with your mom, along with a greeting to her of 15 words or so (Example: “Dear Mom…”). Please email your digital pictures to office@homefrontchurch.org or place the items in the church mailbox. Your pictures will be returned. May 2 is the last day to get us your pictures! You may honor her even if she can’t be here on Mother’s Day, or if she has passed away. Thanks for honoring your mom!

And in closing, do you know a single mom who needs help with a spring cleanup outside? In our desire to serve people “outside of ourselves” here at HomeFront, we are looking for some single moms in our area that we can bless! If you know someone who needs an outdoor spring cleanup please email me (howard@homefrontchurch.org) or the office (office@homefrontchurch.org).

See you all Sunday!

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