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I’m Tim Flickinger, otherwise known as “Tim”, “Flick” or “hey you.” (if you forget my name) The privilege is mine of being knit together with the HomeFront gang for the next 3 months as the interim pastor. I am looking forward to doing life together with you. Woohoo!

I want to share a few things about our time together.

Only a chapter I will be involved in this chapter of HomeFront’s story. No one can replace or duplicate other chapters. I will always celebrate the chapters before me and the chapters after me. Howard & Anna and their family will always be a great part of HomeFront’s story – forever connected with you. That doesn’t stop with me. And there will be other chapters written later as God leads. The story is a whole lot bigger than me or anyone else!

Times of transition. – Transitions can be tough. But come to think of it, is there ever a time in life when we are NOT in transition? Sometimes life is more settled than others, but we never really know what’s around the corner. Nothing God calls us to that is significant is ever easy or all laid out. That is why we live by faith in Jesus, trusting a God who sees a bigger picture.

I want to encourage you in this time of transition to engage with God and grow with a great bunch of imperfect people. A friend shared a quote with me last week: “God can’t drive a parked car.” Well, He probably could if He wanted to, but the quote speaks for itself.

Mark It Up! Three goals.

We are starting a series called Mark It Up! We’ll be handing out the book of Mark and highlighters, grabbing our pens and marking up Mark. It will be fun (Nerd Olympics… you’ll have to be there) and challenging. Here are 3 goals for the series:

1) The Big Goal – God will make his Mark on us. I pray God’s Spirit will be changing, encouraging, filling, healing, and growing us as we follow Jesus through his life story.

2) Read through an entire gospel. And we get to do it together!

3) The practice of learning and prayer would become more a part of our life.

My Family

Kris, Holly, and Taylor – I have a SWEEEEEET family. You will get to meet them here and there. But being on staff for 15 hours a week and living an hour and a half away will mean they aren’t always available. That doesn’t mean they are avoiding anyone… just doing busy life at our own “home front”! We all think HomeFront rocks!

I look forward to what God is going to do in you and through you. I look forward to what God is doing in us and through us!

Tim Flickinger

(PS – I love cookies, pie, ice cream… not that I’m dropping any hints or anything)

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  1. Jeffrey Allshouse


    You are a Blessing from the Lord & God our Father. I am so very happy God has Blessed me with you & your family.
    In Christ Jesus,
    Jeff Allshouse

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