This Sunday (February 6)

I hope you are all enjoying the snow! I don’t really like the snow, so when it snows this much I go to my “happy place”… which is in the fetal position!

Well this Sunday looks to be a dandy.  For starters, we will enjoy another visit from former President George “Dubya” Bush (via video of course)!  I promise you, in fact I double promise you, that this one is even more hilarious!

Also, I will be bringing a message related to a four-letter word that none of us ever really want to talk about (okay, it actually has six letters).  So let’s have some fun with it; if you can guess what that word is, email me at and I will give a $10 gift card to the first person that gets it right!  Only one guess per person (seriously), and this offer is invalid if you live in the God-forsaken state of Ohio (kidding).

See you Sunday!

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