Parenting – Raise Them By the Book

Wow, we had a great crowd out for the Chili Cook-Off last Sunday night! For your enjoyment, we will be showing a video slideshow of the festivities on Sunday morning. Along with that, this week in church we will be also be hearing again from Granny of the Beverly Hillbillies. This time she will show us how to outsmart our kids. That Jethro dude should know better than to mess with Granny! We will also enjoy a song from Harry Chapin (I think he is the same guy who acted in silent movies) and we will have a special guest who is like a brother to me (but not half as good looking or as humble as me)! And guys, I will be announcing plans for the Guys Night Out that is coming soon. So be sure to be in your place this Sunday!

Here is a link that can help those of us who are parents. Please take a look at it at your leisure. Have a great day!

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