Palm Sunday – March 28, 2010

palm_6556c 2This Sunday is Palm Sunday! It is the day that we set aside to celebrate arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem to give His life for us. What a great day to be in church! I will be bringing a message about the Good Samaritan, and we will be concluding the day with a special evening celebration of music and communion that we call Yeah God! Night. Don’t forget to sign up and to bring a dessert. If you don’t, it will hurt my feelings and I will never ever speak to you again!

I also want to make you aware that we need Easter eggs, and lots of them! The Rose family is bringing the eggs to God’s Kitchen, an outreach ministry in downtown Grand Rapids. If you would like to contribute some cooked and colored eggs, please call Sandy Rose (893-4743). The eggs need to be delivered to Sandy’s house by Saturday, April 3. If you have any leftover eggs please make me a batch of egg salad sandwiches and deliver them to my house. On second thought, I hate egg salad sandwiches, so deliver them to someone else’s house!

Finally, I would like your input about last Sunday. For those of you who were here, what are your thoughts about doing the messages via video once in awhile? Specifically, do you have any reservations about doing this? I feel that showing videos of some of the greatest speakers in the world from time to time would benefit us, but what do you think? We are always looking for ways to do church better and we would love to know your thoughts about this. Simply press the reply button to give us your thoughts. While you are at it, you may also chime in about the health care reform bill as well.

I hope you have a great weekend, and to quote the creepy dude in the greeting video from last week…toodles!

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