Islam for Dummies – July 30, 2010

Dear HomeFronters:

I want to take a moment to encourage you all to be in your place this Sunday! This week I will be bringing a message entitled, “Islam for Dummies”. I will be sharing some interesting things about Islam and tackle some tough questions as well. I guarantee that when you leave you won’t be a “dummy” anymore (at least not about Islam). So be sure to make the “pilgrimage” to HomeFront this week for what will turn out to be a “mecca” of learning about Islam!  

In addition to this, during the greeting time I will be showing a funny blooper video about baptism.  It will definitely make a splash! Speaking of which, I want to remind you to sign up this Sunday if you are interested in taking a baptism class.  No commitment is necessary, and I will contact you soon.

Also, don’t forget THIS week is the Sunday Night at the Movies at HomeFront!  



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