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The following is some frequently asked questions regarding our small group ministry…

Q: What is a small group?
A small group is a weekly get together of up to 10 people for the purpose of friendship and spiritual growth … we call them HomeTeams!

Q: Who is it for?
Small groups are for everyone, no matter where they are on their journey toward God. It is a great place to ask questions and investigate the teachings of the Bible.

Q: What exactly takes place in a small group?
In a small group we make new friends, enjoy coffee and dessert, share our lives with one another, and practice real-life Bible application and prayer.

Q: When, where and how long do the groups meet?
Typically, the groups meet in the evening, however, some meet at a host home or the church during the day. Each small group session lasts about an hour and a half. Anyone who wants to stay longer to socialize may do so.

Q: What Bible study curriculum is used for the sessions?
The curriculum varies. We provide an extensive list with choices that cover many topics.

Q: What types of groups are offered?
We have leaders who are trained for COUPLES groups, LADIES’ groups and MEN’S groups. We hope to offer other types of groups in the future.

Q: How do I get in a group?
Simply contact the office for more information.