HomeFront Church

The Pursuit

At HomeFront Church, we want to take our next steps toward maturity in Christ together. The Pursuit is a chance to be challenged and encouraged to follow Jesus in all our lives. It’s all about thriving in accountability, seeking and responding to God, working out faith in action. Join a Huddle to learn to connect UP with God deeply, a Quest seeking God IN community, or a Crew going OUT to the world like Jesus. Each group is designed to pursue living as true Jesus Disciples.

UP β†‘

Loving God by Connecting with Him

IN β†

Loving One Another by Seeking Together

OUT β†’

Loving the World by Caring Like Jesus

HUDDLE:  Loving God by Connecting with Him

Huddles are for people who want to hear more clearly from God on a regular basis and are ready to be challenged and held accountable to His plans for their lives. These groups follow the pattern of discipleship seen in the Gospels, where Jesus calls a group of friends to journey together for an extended period. During this time, the disciples learn to emulate Jesus. He then sends them out on mission together. The disciples come back to receive encouragement and challenge. They are then sent out again and the cycle continues. Huddles are an opportunity to learn and live out this cycle of following Jesus.

  • A Huddle is a group of 4-8 people having a regular rhythm of connecting [UP] with God specifically by reading scripture together and praying.
  • Huddles typically meet by bi-weekly for 8 months and revolve around two major questions:
    • What is God speaking to you?
    • How are you going to respond?
  • The Huddle is about developing confidence in hearing God and doing what he says.
  • Participants agree to make time in their busy schedules to fully commit to the discipleship process. This requires a priority on attending every meeting over 8 months.
  • The Huddle encourages participants to develop a regular rhythm of encountering Jesus in their personal life.

QUEST:  Loving One Another by Seeking Together

A Quest is about sharing our walk with God and investing in others following Him. These groups reflect the regular gathering of the church in homes to care for and learn with each other. Quests provide an opportunity to thrive in accountability, so that together there is invitation and challenge to grow in Christ. These can range from a few friends reading scripture and praying, examining a book of the Bible in a group setting, or finding biblical and physical support with others in a similar time of life.

  • A Quest is a group of no more than 10 connecting in intentional ways to share with IN each other.
  • Quests typically meet for up to 3 months as often as needed to study scripture and pray together.
  • The group sets a goal that will push them to deeper relationship with God and each other.

CREW:  Loving the World by Caring Like Jesus

Crews aim to live missionally, advancing God’s kingdom in our community by following Jesus command to go into the world.They create a specific mission seeking opportunities to partner with other groups in ways that reflect Jesus to those we care for and those we serve with. This ongoing mission remains the focus of all that Crews do together for a specific need in our community.


If you are interested in joining us in the Pursuit, or have questions about it, please feel free to contact us.

You can email us at pursuit@homefrontchurch.org