HomeFront Church

The Pursuit

At HomeFront Church, we want to take our next steps toward maturity in Christ together. The Pursuit is a chance to be challenged and encouraged to follow Jesus in all our lives. It’s all about thriving in accountability, seeking and responding to God, and working out faith in action. Join a Huddle to learn to connect UP with God deeply, a Quest to seek God IN community or a Crew to go OUT to the world like Jesus. Each group is designed to pursue living daily as disciples of Jesus.

HUDDLE:  Loving God by Connecting with Him

Huddles are for people who want to hear more clearly from God and daily follow his plans for their lives. Like Jesus’ example in the Gospels, these groups of friends journey together for an extended period. During this time members learn to emulate Jesus. They then go out encouraged to follow through on what they have planned to do in response to his call. Every two weeks the group gathers to receive encouragement and challenge. Huddles are an opportunity to learn and live out this cycle of following Jesus in all of life.


Loving God by Connecting with Him

QUEST:  Loving One Another by Seeking Together

A Quest is about seeking God and investing in the lives of other seekers. Like the early church, these groups gather regularly to care for and learn with each other. Gatherings can range from a few friends getting real about life, examining the Bible in a group setting, to seeking Jesus in your phase of life.  By encouraging the reading of scripture and prayer together, Quests invite people to grow closer to Christ.


Loving One Another by Seeking Together

CREW:  Loving the World by Caring Like Jesus

Crews are about living on mission by advancing God’s kingdom in our community. They follow Jesus’ command to go into the world. Through specific mission seeking opportunities and partnering with other groups, Crews reflect Jesus.  It’s members do this by caring for those they serve and serve with. This ongoing mission of sharing God’s love is the focus of serving together for a specific need in our community.


Loving the World by Caring Like Jesus


If you are interested in joining us in the Pursuit, or have questions about it, please feel free to contact us.

You can email us at office@homefrontchurch.org