HomeFront Church
Childrens Ministry

Each week we offer a hands-on worship experience for your children during church service. They’ll experience a high energy, engaging, & purposeful program designed to help them take their next steps towards maturity in Christ.

For more information, please scroll down below. There is also direct contact information, should you have additional questions. theHUB is led and directed by Jennifer Dakin.

We sincerely look forward to helping your child take their next step towards maturity in Christ!

Easy Registration

On your first Sunday visit, stop by our registration desk and get a name tag for each child and a family number. After that initial Sunday, you’ll be able to head straight to our check-in table and simply grab your pre-printed stickers. Please make note of your family number, just in case your child needs you during service.
We care about your childrens’ safety!

Power Up!

Once your child has grabbed their name tag sticker…

  • K-5th graders start their mornings in our “Power Up!” room.

  • Pre-schoolers start their mornings in Bible Lesson, before heading off to Power Up!, after the K-5th Grade group has finished up there.

    Power Up! is a space where they’ll be able to express their feelings to God through song & dance, and enjoy a fun puppet show.

  • Discover Time

    Caring leaders will engage your children through hands-on learning and help them personally connect with the day’s Bible Lesson in memorable ways. This is a fun time that often includes sand, water, legos & obstacle courses!

    Bible Lesson

    Students will be challenged to know & study the word of God, as they actively participate in Bible Lesson. We encourage kids to bring & use their own Bibles each week, but we also have some extras…just in case, for those crazy mornings when you’re just happy to have made it to the door with everyone in tow.

    After church is over, you’ll find your kids in their age appropriate rooms, with lots of stories to share and a colorful, kid-friendly take-home paper to help you talk with them about the concepts in that week’s lesson.


    We understand that as parents & grandparents, your kids are super important to you, and they are certainly important to us, too!

    Please know that we do conduct background checks on our volunteers and train & re-train them annually in order to provide each child with a fun, safe place to grow spiritually. And, of course, you are always welcome to come & peek in on them at any time during service.


    If you have any questions about this ministry please feel free to email Jennifer at theHUB@homefrontchurch.org