HomeFront is the happenin’ place this weekend! – June 27, 2010

You won’t want to miss church this Sunday because we are going to have an old-fashioned summertime blast! To begin, we have a special band playing in the service. They are called Mere Image (aka the Rich Reiffer band) and they will be doing lots of hymns and will feature a banjo and a fiddle! I am excited about the banjo and fiddle because they remind me of my childhood growing up in the cotton fields of inner city Detroit (that’s a joke). I must confess that I have never picked cotton, but I have picked my nose (I am a pastor, I cannot tell a lie).

During the greeting time in the service I will be showing a fun music video that features a song from the band Chicago that speaks about the “old days”. It is definitely a blast from the past! I will also be bringing a message on “Gimme That Old Time Religion”, which will focus on why we should get ourselves an organ and start a HomeFront choir (not really).

And don’t forget the Old Fashioned Church Picnic following the service! We will have a cookout underneath the big tent out back, some homemade cotton candy, a bouncy house for the little ones to jump on, and lots of old fashioned picnic games for the whole family, including a pie eating contest! If you haven’t signed up, it is not too late. Please email me at (howard@homefrontchurch.org) to let us know you are coming. We will eat rain or shine!

And finally, most of you have received the letter I sent to you regarding our special “Double Your Money” safety net offering. I want to remind you that the 13 families on our Leadership Team and Financial Task Force have committed to match all you other 55 HomeFront families up to $8,500 toward our goal. That means if you give $250, those two teams will match it, doubling your money! Please note that those 13 families are giving an average of $660 apiece (now that’s a sacrifice!), and that it will take an average of $150 from all the other HomeFront family to meet our goal. Of course we need those of you who are really blessed financially to do even more than that.

So bring your checkbooks and please note that we will also be taking our regular offering (please don’t “rob Peter to pay Paul”). If you will not be in the service Sunday, please contact our treasurer right away at (treasurer@homefrontchurch.org) and let her know how much you plan to give.

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