HomeComing at HomeFront

I am very excited about our HomeFront Homecoming this Sunday! We will have some cider and donuts, giveaways and prizes, some special guest cheerleaders, a fun “high school daze” slideshow, and we will also anoint a homecoming king and queen! To top it all off, Pete and the band will be performing a song from one of my favorite high school bands (no not Elvis, I’m not that old)!

 We are going have a festive high school football atmosphere and lots of fun stuff, but we need your help! Here’s how:

  • Show your school spirit by wearing a shirt/school colors/jersey from your favorite high school team!
  • Please encourage your kid(s) to GO NUTS by entering our “crazy fan” contest! Prizes will be awarded!
  • Be sure to remember that the “bell rings” at 10:30 for the new school year!


Go HomeFront!


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