Happy Easter – April 4, 2010

We want to invite you all to “hop on down the bunny trail” to HomeFront for Easter! We are going to put our best foot forward for you and your friends and your family members. We have some fun video and great music in the works, and the message will be geared toward those who don’t attend church much. It will be a great day for the kids too! Not only will they hear about the real meaning of Easter, they will also enjoy a special treat, face painting, a special craft and a visit from some critters! It will be a wonderful Easter atmosphere at HomeFront as we share the love of our risen Savior!

And don’t forget to come prepared for our special Easter offering. There is no better time of year to show your thankfulness for what Jesus has done for us! Please join me and my family and give over-and-above your regular giving this Easter.

Finally, I want to let you know that I will be coming to church on Easter dressed as a bunny in a pink outfit with a bushy tail and floppy ears! (Not really, that would REALLY scare the kids!)

Happy Easter!

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