Good Friday Prayer Stations 2014

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2000 years ago, Jesus endured the most horrifying and humiliating death known to man. In His final 24 hours, he experienced a myriad of emotions and realizations as he approached the single most significant event in all of history – willing death and triumphant resurrection! His death had catastrophic impact on those surrounding him.

This Good Friday, HomeFront Church (6265 8th Ave SW, Grandville) is hosting a series of prayer stations designed to help you reflect on the events of that day and to respond prayerfully as God’s Spirit reminds us of the sacrifice that Christ made for each one of us.

The church will be open from 12:00pm – 8:00pm. Come alone, or bring your whole family, for a powerful time of reflections. This is an open format so come anytime and work your way through the self guided stations. Come for 15 minutes or an hour…

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