Developing People Skills – Friendship

This Sunday I will be continuing my series on Developing People Skills, and we will also enjoy some special music by Pete and the band. Pete is going to sing a disco song by the Bee Gees, which is okay, as long as he doesn’t dance and wear bellbottoms and a silk shirt! Actually I think he’s going to sing an Elvis tune, being that both Pete and Elvis are from Australia and all. Anyway, in reality he won’t be singing any Bee Gees or Elvis, but I promise you it won’t be Lady Gaga either! So come on out this Sunday!

Speaking of the 70’s, be “groovy” and come to a movie! I am inviting any guys who want to, to join me tonight (Friday) for the opening night of The Book of Eli. I will be at the food court at RiverTown at 6:30 to get a bite to eat, and then the movie starts at 7:10. If you would like to join me for dinner and a movie, just show up (I will wait for a few minutes near the top of the escalator). It is a flick that has many Christian themes and is getting a lot of acclaim. So please don’t leave me stranded and alone, come join me!

Finally, don’t forget the Chili Cook-Off this Sunday night at 6:00. Click here for the details.

Have a great day!

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