Baptism on Sunday – August 20, 2010

Dear HomeFronters:

Alas, Sunday is almost here and so is another great day at HomeFront! This week I will be showing a challenging video clip from the TV show called “What would you do?”, you know, that hidden camera show from ABC. It will certainly make you think.

Oh, and I will also be showing the cutest video ever of a little toddler boy that is sure to make you chuckle. (I chuckle a lot, that’s why I am such a chucklehead! Please note that I said chucklehead, not knucklehead!) Anyway, we will also have an “open swim” here at HomeFront! (Not really, but we will have baptism!)

So come on out and have a great cup of coffee while we worship the Lord together!

See y’all on Sunday!


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