What to Expect

The top ten reasons to be a part of HomeFront

HomeFront is more…

  • gourmet coffee than instant.
  • is more guitars & drums than organ.
  • minivan than corvette.
  • jeans than suits & ties
  • transparent than haughty.
  • journey than arrival.
  • shaking hands than shaking fingers.
  • veggietales than simpsons.
  • eternal legacy than earthly portfolio.
  • hip than boring.


Here’s what you will find at HFC on Sunday mornings throughout the year…

At HomeFront, we don’t believe that church has to be boring. While we are sensitive to make our service worshipful, we believe that our service should be joyful and inviting.

That’s why we have a band that plays upbeat, but worshipful, contemporary praise and worship music. The words to the songs are displayed on two big screens for your convenience. The goal of our music is to provide an opportunity for God to touch your heart, and for you to touch the heart of God as well.

Added to this, the messages you will hear on Sundays are inspiring and relevant to real life. The emphasis is on applying Biblical truth in a practical way in our everyday lives.

On most Sundays, inserted in the program is a message notes page. On it, all the scriptures are written out clearly for your reference. You will find it complete with the main points so that you can follow along easily and fill in the blanks as you go. The scriptures and the answers to the blanks are also provided on the big screens.

Added to this, on many Sundays you might see a video clip from some of your favorite movies to lead us into a message or to illustrate a point. Finally, we try to make our services a little relaxed.  We like to have fun! Please come on out and celebrate life with us.