Our Values

There are few factors that shape a church as much as it’s core values. What lies at the heart of a church’s mission will shape everything it does. It’s style, staff, programs, and priorities all will naturally track toward fulfilling what is most values. At HomeFront we believe that personal and corporate spiritual growth will happen when we mature in the following areas:

We understand there are many voices competing for our attention. Each on e of them has an agenda and an opinion of how the world does and should work. We believe that in the midst of the noise, one source speaks timeless truth. We affirm that the Bible is God’s revealed Word to us and that from it we can gain supernatural scriptures that we might gain greater understanding for healthy and fulfilled living.

We confess that while the Christian life is one of victory, it is also a journey filled with personal struffle and failure. It is our desire, in the midst of our journey, to be authentic, transparent and genuine. We believe that Christianity, in its purest form, is about a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This lordship and friendship relationship with God is the key to unlocking our ability to nurture healthy growing relationships with others. We are committed to be a church built on meaningful relationships.

As with any growing relationship, communication with our heavenly Father is essential to developing real intimacy. Whether we are celebrating and expressing gratitude for His goodness to us or crying out for His intervention or help in trouble, we will pursue regular time in conversation with God, made possible through His Son. For our own needs and on behalf o others, we will pray continually.

We affirm the importance of helping people discover their unique giftedness and God-given mission for their lives and we desire to inspire and equip them to accomplish it. We affirm that every member of the church family is a minister and that the most effective way to do ministry is through teamwork. We value the importance of unity and servant leadership within our church family as we work together to accomplish His purposes.

From the beginning of time, faithful God-followers have responded to His grace and provision in tangible ways. Men and women have looked for opportunities to give of their resources as an act of worship. We believe faithful support of ministry and generosity toward those in need is evidence of a committed and maturing believer – one who is grateful for all God has provided and confident of God’s future generosity.

Paul tells us that all creation speaks to God’s greatness. Our natural response is awe inspired worship of a limitless God. We are humbled and emboldened, centered and inspired, corrected and encouraged when we take time to give God the credit he is due. We are dedicated to living lives that bring acclaim to Him. It’s what we were created for.

Acts chapter 2 tells us that when God’s people live out their faith genuinely, others take notice. The gospel was never meant to be sleazy sales pitch, or painful MMA submission move meant to manipulate people into saying magic words assuring their eternal lot. As a church we will let our actions speak loudly and trust that authentic relationships will give us opportunity to introduce those who seek Him to the one who has been so good to us.