A “Good” Problem…


As most of you know, for a long time now we have been burdened by a “good” problem here at HomeFront. Week in and week out many of us are forced to park on the lawn because there are not enough spaces for everyone to park on the pavement. When the bad weather sets in, we will have to park in the mud or in the snow.

Looking at the hard numbers, we have 67 parking spaces right now. Not too long ago we added about 10 spaces when we “creatively” restriped the parking lot, but it still is not enough. Right now on any given Sunday we have about 13-15 families that do not have a parking space on the pavement. 

Worse than this, our Hospitality Team leader, Bob Boot, has reported that people have actually pulled into our lot to attend the service and then turned right around and went back out because there was no place for them! It is high time that we get on the solution side of this problem. We think that because of some things that God has already set in motion, now may be the time for us to add 21 more spaces. Will this cost us something? Yes it will, but not nearly as much as you think. 

As God’s providence would have it, we have a unique window of opportunity to address this problem even before the bad weather sets in! That is why we are calling an important business meeting THIS Sunday after church to discuss this matter with everyone and to give you an opportunity to ask questions and give input and take ownership of it. There is the potential that we may even bring it up for a vote at the meeting. The meeting is for all of our members and regular attendees, and the children may remain in Promiseland so that everyone can attend. We are also going to try to keep our birthday celebration service to one hour to facilitate the meeting (same amount of music, less me).

I know that this is a “good” problem to have, but it is a problem nonetheless. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our birthday as a church than for our church family to come together and solve a problem that has been troubling us for way too long. We figured out how to create more space in Promiseland, now we need to grab this problem by the horns too. I think we all agree that coming together in one service is preferable over going back to two, which is something we would have to consider again if we can’t figure out how to add more parking. 

Please plan to be at this business meeting. If you have any questions or concerns beforehand, please call me on my cell at 745-1926.


Howard and the Leadership Team

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